Once upon a time, a girl called Blair bought a 6 weeks old puppy. Two weeks later that puppy was then stolen and returned after an absence of two weeks. Lucky dog right?!

Later in life, that same dog disappeared from Brisbane only to return to Noosa RSPCA TWO YEARS LATER where Blair then picked her up. WHAT?! 2 years! Crazy I know! lemme answer your questions:

  1. Yes, Coco did remember Blair (YAY!) 
  2. Coco was in an ok condition, not great but ok
  3. No, we don’t know how she got to Noosa
  4. No, we don’t know what she got up to for 2 years

And so the idea was born! What did Coco get up to for 2 years? Did she need a break? Did she leave to go find her true self? Was she stolen in a crazy pet heist? Honestly, we will never know. What we do know is that Blair sat down with Coco and started to guess what she got up to on her Adventure. With the structure of blink once for yes and twice for no, the stories came flying out. And so Blair being the creative genius that she thinks she is (yet to be confirmed), wrote some books about what this crazy adventure dog got up to! (please note that some stories may not be true, the ‘blink’ structure may have some faults)

 Coco Tales