Book 1 The Escape Hardcover

Book 1 The Escape Hardcover

Coco Tales

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There once was a dog

Who was tiny in height;

Her ears were quite big

And her fur, black and white.


Her human wrote a book

That you see right here,

Just add to your cart

And read on my dear. 

 $1 from all online sales will be donated to the RSPCA

This book is great for kids aged between 4-8years old

Who is Coco?

Coco is a tiny dog whose breed is a little bit of a mystery. Believed to be an Australian silky cross, this tiny dog has a taste for adventure. Coco came into Blair’s life in 2008 in a town called Toowoomba in Queensland, Australia.

Coco and  Blair had an instant connection but after a 2 week love affair tiny Coco was stolen from her laundry! Fear not, Coco was returned after 2  weeks and the love affair continued.

Several years later in 2013, after relocating to Brisbane, Coco disappeared from Blair’s yard! GASP!

In 2015! Blair received a call from the Noosa RSPCA to say that someone had handed her in! An excited Blair raced  (responsibly and within the speed limit) to the shelter to collect her long lost pooch! Where she went, how she got there and what she got up to no one knows.

Until now….